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Same Sex Marriage Debate

Arguments for same sex marriage

Neither can it mean that all love is to be equally respected, since we make distinctions between kinds of love. Marriage is a human right of all human beings from 3 and 4. It might be added that neither are de facto relationships between male and female equal to marriage either, but there is no injustice in denying that such relationships are the same as marriage, even if they have a great deal in common with those who are married. If the nuclear family is a human good worth protecting, it is the responsibility of all members of society to do so, including homosexual members of the community. That some gay couples nurture children and hence form families does not mean that by their nature they are capable of forming a family.

Arguments for same sex marriage

It does not follow. View Citation summary The relationship between religious belief and sexuality as personal attributes exhibits some provocative comparisons. Opponents of same-sex marriage often argue that children raised in same-sex households perform worse on a variety of life outcome measures when compared to those raised in a heterosexual household. It also means that human rights don't apply in a special, altered way to particular groups. This is not simply a quirk of definition, but names an essential feature of the community and of the state. It then follows that [7] is false, which means [8] is also false. Love takes many different forms. Even so, this does not make them the same. In any case, surrogacy brings other serious problems, not least of which is the introduction of a third party into what is meant to be an exclusive relationship. This could be because of a number of factors - age of the couple, for instance. Civil marriage, according to Gill, is a public institution, and the exclusion of some couples from a state institution is a public expression of civic inequality. It is about marriage. In the case of a homosexual relationship it is not open to procreation. One way of encapsulating the logical form of the argument is the following: So by their nature, that is, the kind of union that they have, it cannot form families. Their relationship per se cannot be open to procreation. It follows that such unions are not the same as marriage and the question of equal treatment does not arise. Despite the above studies positively linking marriage with wellbeing, it may be premature to definitively assert causality. Nor is it the case that we love all individuals equally or with the same intensity or degree at the same time. Human rights apply to all human beings Assumption. The authors concluded by urging other researchers to consider same-sex marriage as a public health issue. It does not change the fact that the gay couple is still infertile, though here it is granted that similarly the infertile heterosexual couple also remains infertile where the use of a surrogate is sought. On the other hand, if any of the premises are false, then the conclusion is false, though the argument is still valid since the form of the argument is valid. The question I want to examine is whether this is a sound argument. This is possibly due to the stigmatisation they receive. The demand to re-define marriage assumes that marriage is a matter of definition, but this is not so, since marriage arises out of a description of the natural order - that is, the facts of human biology and evolution.

Arguments for same sex marriage

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