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The Science of the Transgender Issue VS. the Pseudoscience Surrounding Gender and Biology!

Articles about biology of sex

Yet, while biologists acknowledge the huge importance of sex for evolution, the questions of how and why it emerged in the first place remain unanswered. Dopamine is involved in control of motor activity [ 48 ]. The first article is by Richard Sharpe, who discusses the causes and consequences of decreasing male fertility. We reviewed articles published in the American Journal of Public Health, the flagship journal of the American Public Health Association and among the most influential journals in the field of public health. Table 2 presents some of the neurochemical sex differences that have been identified. Although these neuroanatomical differences are intriguing, most are limited because the practical or functional significance of these findings are unknown. Anteroventral Periventricular Nucleus AVPV Involved in regulating the luteinizing hormone surge in females [ 20 ] and male copulatory behavior [ 21 ]. Figure 1 summarizes the process that yielded this set of articles. These issues come to the fore in the arena of gender, genetics, and health.

Articles about biology of sex

Conflicting evidence concerning the examples reported here particularly in the SDN-POA exist, and the interpretation of the data is often more complicated than this summary implies. Instead, in diploid organisms, it would be stored together with other seemingly useless alleles, within a population's gene pool. The first section reviews the terms sex and gender. The information about individual-level differences provided by such biomarkers offers potential for enhancing understanding of patterns of health and well-being. Most females have 2 X chromosomes and most males have an X and Y chromosome. Second, how might social science understandings of sex and gender, and gender differences in health, become more integrated into scholarship in this area? We emphasize that in selecting these 4 journals it was not our intention to represent research on genetics and human health in a generalizable way. The number of articles that met the inclusion criteria over this 5-year period differed substantially across journals, with the American Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology publishing a combined total of 13 articles, and the American Journal of Epidemiology and Nature Genetics publishing and 59 articles, respectively. Corpus Callosum Conducts information between the two halves of the cortex [ 30 ]. Not all individuals respond in the same way to similar health risks and exposures. Although sex is included frequently as a control or stratifying variable, few articles articulate a conceptual frame or methodological justification for conducting research in this way, and most are not motivated by sex or gender differences in health. Similarly, commentary pieces, reports, and systematic reviews not including meta-analyses were excluded because they did not include new empirical analyses. Activational effects of circulating androgens accounts for the larger region in males [ 40 ]. This significantly limits the conclusions that can be drawn from any observations made in humans. Ventromedial Hypothalamic Nucleus VMN Involved in the control of lordosis, mounting, and norepinephrine release [ 45 ]. In addition to 22 pairs of autosomal chromosomes, humans have an additional pair of what have come to be known as the sex chromosomes. This is the top-ranked general interest journal in the field of genetics, and includes articles on genetics and human health. Such integration will advance understandings of gender differences in health, and may yield insight regarding the processes and circumstances that make genomic variation relevant for health and well-being. These issues come to the fore in the arena of gender, genetics, and health. Yet, while biologists acknowledge the huge importance of sex for evolution, the questions of how and why it emerged in the first place remain unanswered. Perinatal aromatized androgen decreases neuronal apoptotic rates in males [ 20 ]. Discovering the significance of these differences is often difficult, even in rodents. Masculinizing the size of the SDN-POA in female rats does not result in a corresponding masculinization and defeminization of behavior [ 15 ]. As such, we expect articles on genetics and health published in epidemiology journals to reflect scholarship that blends the perspectives and approaches of public health and genetics. For example, Fausto-Sterling explains how culture, which might include gender-specific ideas and opportunities regarding diet or physical activity, can interweave with biology to shape group differences in bone characteristics. Moreover, it means that potentially beneficial mutations are less likely to disappear. In the English language, sex has a second meaning in addition to the sexual act itself:

Articles about biology of sex

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    A primary reason was that we were interested in reviewing whether and how articles referenced sex and gender in studies on genetics and health, a goal that required the inclusion of articles that did not emphasize sex or gender.

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    Sexual reproduction—the fusion of gametes to recombine the parental genomes into a new genotype—probably emerged around 1.

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    We seek to bring attention to the intersection of sex, gender, genetics, and health.

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    These issues come to the fore in the arena of gender, genetics, and health. We review articles on genetics and health published in selected peer-reviewed journals.

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    Coincidentally, just as health researchers embraced the opportunity to examine genetic differences, they also responded to the call to examine contextual differences, or variation at the societal level, and its contribution to health.

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