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Autoimmune disease unprotected sex

Thus, one can only use available physiologic benchmarks, such as the dose needed to induce a level in blood equal to that in pregnant mice or the dose needed to induce an oestrus level in an ovariectomized mouse. Interestingly, a decrease in free testosterone levels has been reported in untreated men with new onset RA [ 88 ], making the possibility of hypothalamic lesions in the brain in MS less likely. In vivo, androgen treatment has also been shown to effect cytokine profiles. Recently, it was shown that pregnant mice have an enhanced ability to re-myelinate white matter lesions and that prolactin regulates oligodendrocyte precursor proliferation and mimics this regenerative effect of pregnancy [ ]. This shift in immune responses from Th1 to Th2 occurs both locally at the maternal fetal interface [ 10 , , ] as well as systemically [ , , , - ]. A clinical amelioration of EAE occurred when oestriol was used at doses to induce serum levels which were physiologic with pregnancy.

Autoimmune disease unprotected sex

Further, in the 4 month extension phase of the study, both the decrease in brain enhancing lesions and the favourable immune shift, returned upon retreatment with oestriol in combination with progesterone in the RR MS group. And there are many more. First, there is a downregulation of cellular immune responses. Alternatively, these data showing an increase in diagnosis of women with MS may merely be reflective of the propensity for neurologists to diagnose women with autoimmune disease. If a factor were identified in men that confers disease protection in most, this may lead to insight into why some males do, indeed, develop autoimmune disease. Some reports have found that ovariectomy of female mice makes EAE worse [ ], while others have found that ovariectomy does not have a significant effect on disease [ ]. While neurons express oestrogen receptors and could be a target for oestrogen's actions, glial cells oligodendrocytes, astrocytes and microglia also express oestrogen receptors [ ]. In males, disease onset usually occurs later in life age , coinciding with the age at which serum testosterone levels begin to decline in normal healthy men [ 81 - 85 ]. Females have a greater humoral response, as evidenced by higher serum immunoglobulin concentrations than males and a greater antibody response to various antigens after immunization [ 40 ]. Data in EAE suggested that supplemental, exogenous testosterone treatment may provide protection across genetic backgrounds in men of the heterogeneous MS population [ 72 ]. Clinically, over the course of weeks to months, complete or partial recovery of function occurs after a relapse. The most common and quite general theory is that a person with a particular genetic background that makes them prone to immune system 'misfiring' encounters an environmental trigger such as an infection or a toxin and that sets off autoimmune disease. While some sex differences basic research and clinical trials are funded by nonprofits agencies and philanthropy, the level is far less than that undertaken by the pharmaceutical industry. The RR MS is characterized by large numbers of enhancing lesions on brain magnetic resonance imaging MRI which are thought to be biomarkers for inflammatory foci pathologically and relapses clinically. Later, during the course of disease, it is possible that the stress of chronic disease may affect the hypothalamic pituitary axis which suppresses testosterone levels further, to within the low normal range. Other immune mechanisms in MS involve a variety of costimulatory molecules. Two oestrogens, oestradiol and oestriol, increase progressively during pregnancy. Thus, oestradiol treatment was not only anti-inflammatory but also neuroprotective in the prevention of both white and grey matter pathology in spinal cords of mice with EAE [ 53 ]. If this were understood, one would have discovered something that is indeed physiologically significant. In men with MS and sexual dysfunction, low testosterone levels have been previously shown to be associated with low luteinizing hormone levels, thereby ruling out gonadal failure [ 69 ]. Together, these reports suggest that it is probable that a sustained level of a sufficient dose of an oestrogen will be necessary to ameliorate disease activity in MS and RA. Indeed, it has been shown that, in both mice and humans, failure to shift immune responses in this manner results in an increase in spontaneous abortion [ , , ]. Oestriol, in contrast, is made by the fetal placental unit and is not otherwise present in non-pregnant states. A variety of progesterone doses, ranging from low physiologic with menstrual cycle levels to moderate physiologic with late pregnancy levels to very high supraphysiologic , were used in combination with oestrogen either oestradiol or oestriol in EAE and none of the progesterone doses significantly altered the protective effect of oestrogen treatment on EAE disease course [ ]. Oestrogen treatment also protected oligodendrocytes from cytotoxicity [ - ] as well as accelerated oligodendrocyte process formation [ ]. For example, in autoimmune disease, a major disease susceptibility factor is the state of being female. Sex differences in MS could be due, at least in part, to sex differences in ovarian hormones.

Autoimmune disease unprotected sex

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