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5 traditional vs. modern baby shower games

Baby shower games for both sexes

Baby Pictionary Can you draw a totally recognizable picture of a breast pump? The group that gets the most right, wins. Baby Gift Bingo Amp up the gift-opening excitement by adding a bit of Bingo gameplay to the mix. If it breaks, they lose. Have each guest smell the diapers and write down their chocolate guesses.

Baby shower games for both sexes

For these two activity ideas, you can purchase a bunch of onesies or tees pick different sizes to make the homemade cuteness last longer or ask guests to bring their own. The expectant parents can judge which team does the best job. Points are deducted for running off course, spilling baby, crashing the stroller, and other mishaps. Keep doing this until one team wins. If you decide to play games, make sure the future father and his friends will enjoy it. Ban the subjects of shopping, sports, and saying the name of the future baby. Instead, focus on making sure your guests have fun. As the gifts get unwrapped, guests cross off items received. What about a diaper rash? Or is Mom always right? At another cousin of mine's baby shower, people ran up to the belly to size her up, which is fine, but no one should cheat by measuring! Which is not a nickname for a pacifier: These games are not embarrassing, gross, or cheesy; instead, they shower pun intended the guests of honor with laughter and love. Guess the Baby Food Game. Before the shower, write words or phrases related to babies onto each card. The non-blindfolded partner gives the blindfolded one instructions on how to make the perfect diaper. Timer Game Watching other people open presents can get kinda snoozy. This coed baby shower game is a sweet and silly rewind, as guests try to match childhood memories to mom- or dad-to-be. Just lots and lots of laughs. Split shower guests into two teams and have them pick a square to answer as a group or individually. When opening gifts, either have both expectant parents open them together or take turns doing so. Instead of rolling a lettered dice, the guests play four rounds culling answers for each letter in the word BABY. The team with the most songs wins a prize. First team to earn 10 points wins. Clothespin Game When each guest arrives, put a clothespin on their shirt or pants. Each round-one player from each team picks a card and must draw on the board.

Baby shower games for both sexes

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