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Bike seats and your sex drive

Continued If the Seat Fits Serfas, a manufacturer of biking accessories, set out to design a seat that would shift the rider's weight off the perineum. In many incidents, these issues subside once the rider is out of the saddle for a length of time. Easy on the knees, great for cardio and strength-building, and relatively inexpensive. In trials comparing 30 men experiencing sexual dysfunction linked to weak heart muscles, Belardinelli revealed that by cycling three times a week for eight weeks those weak-hearted patients underwent a major transformation. NIOSH researchers found that riders who used a no-nose saddle reported penile numbness far less oft en than those using a standard design of seat.

Bike seats and your sex drive

It's that long nose that is the issue; as many scientific studies have demonstrated, sitting on a typical bicycle seat puts an unnatural amount of pressure on a very sensitive part of a man's body. In the long run, however, frequent bike riding can lead to outright erectile dysfunction. Post-ride interviews revealed that one in five of the men had experienced numbness of the penis, which lasted more than a week in some cases. Each one regularly rode at least six hours weekly, and all had suffered from perineal pain, numbness, and erectile dysfunction. The thinking is that because there is an increase in the chances of nerve damage from cycling, you may struggle to climax. Consuming lots of caffeine around 5 or more cups a day , which many cyclists do, has been associated with decreased fertility , as has smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and an unhealthy diet. This is rubbish news for those of you who never been seen dead on a hybrid, and we are sorry. Riding can really mess up your sexual functioning. They found the cyclists had no worse sexual or urinary functions than the swimmers or runners, but they were more prone to urethral stricture, which can restrict the flow of urine. It's good to hear cycling to work reduces your risk of dying. In April , researchers tested the newly designed seat on 15 regular cyclists, most of whom pedaled between and miles weekly. If left untreated cystitis can lead to serious kidney infection. Meanwhile, you could be left with a nasty infection that will put you off sex for good well, for a bit. The men in question not only recorded improved oxygen uptake and blood flow — as reported to the American Heart Association — but in response to questionnaires, their wives and partners said that they exhibited improved sexual performance too. Well, Cycling is good for you. The cyclists used the new seat for a month and then shared their results. In the short term, this compression can cause the relatively common phenomenon of "sleepy penie" -- a temporary numbness of the penis. It is especially helpful to men of a certain age as cycling gives benefits to the heart and has low impact on joints. You can buy prints of her Bike Love series here. NIOSH researchers found that riders who used a no-nose saddle reported penile numbness far less oft en than those using a standard design of seat. One study last year found cyclists are less likely to develop heart disease or cancer, and a review showed it improves fitness and leads to longer lives. Serfas now offers several seat models for street and mountain bikes. You're definitely not washing your bedding enough Cycling may be the healthy option when it comes to your daily commute. While men may experience symptoms such as numbness and erectile dysfunction, women cyclists may suffer even more severe trauma. Medical designer Roger Minkow, MD, helped develop the Body Geometry Saddle seat with input from urologists and police bicycle divisions. Is cycling bad for a man's sexual health? Sex is good for you.

Bike seats and your sex drive

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    Is Biking Bad for the Bedroom? Certainly, just sitting on the couch or in front of the computer eight hours a day is the worst thing for your sexual and overall health.

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    A study in involving 15 Spanish triathletes found that those with low enough levels of sperm to constitute a fertility problem were cycling more than km every week.

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    But aside from that, evidence for fertility issues is negligible.

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    Irwin Goldstein, MD, a specialist of erectile dysfunction with the Boston University Medical Center, was widely quoted in the press saying that all male cyclists risked erectile dysfunction , and that they should consider giving up the sport if they enjoyed sex. But what was it about cycling that led particularly to erectile dysfunction?

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    Overall, the research team maintained that the many health benefi ts of cycling — aerobic challenges, burning calories, improving muscle strength and tone, and exercising key joints without the impact of running — far outweigh any potential health risks. In the short term, this compression can cause the relatively common phenomenon of "sleepy penie" -- a temporary numbness of the penis.

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