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Blacks opposition to same sex marriage

Gender, income, and education also make a difference Overall, women were somewhat more likely than men to support same-sex marriage 64 vs. Religious Affiliation Most religious groups in the U. Among younger Americans there is strong support for same-sex marriage across racial and ethnic groups. Eighty-five percent of Unitarian Universalists say blacks experience a lot of discrimination. Geography In , same-sex marriage garnered majority support in slightly more than half of all states 29 states. The views of non-Christian groups vary widely. Hodges made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states.

Blacks opposition to same sex marriage

Americans living in the Northeast are among the most likely to believe gay and lesbian people face a lot of discrimination. Americans who live in the upper Midwest and Mountain West are generally more likely than those who live in other parts of the country to doubt the degree of discrimination faced by gay and lesbian people. Here are six takeways from the survey: Meanwhile, the opinions among the older group have held steady. Support for Same-Sex Marriage Grows, Even Among Groups That Had Been Skeptical For first time, as many Republicans favor as oppose gay marriage Survey Report Two years after the Supreme Court decision that required states to recognize same-sex marriages nationwide, support for allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally is at its highest point in over 20 years of Pew Research Center polling on the issue. Republicans and Republican leaners are divided on the question for the first time: Views on immigration reform policy have remained stable since But younger white evangelicals have grown more supportive: Religious Change No religious group has experienced a more dramatic shift in views on same-sex marriage than white mainline Protestants. The views of non-Christian groups vary widely. Views of same-sex marriage by generation, race Younger Americans continue to be more likely than older Americans to say they favor allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally: Similar agreement exists in views about the discrimination experienced by transgender people. The latest national survey by Pew Research Center, conducted June among 2, adults finds striking increases in support for same-sex marriage among some demographic and partisan groups that, until recently, had broadly opposed it, including: Views about discrimination appear to be conditioned by age. However, views of Republicans are strongly influenced by age. Among partisans there are stark generational divisions. The generational divergence in perceptions is also apparent among religious groups. For a complete state-by-state look, visit ava. However, is the first year in which supporters of same-sex marriage outnumber opponents among black Americans. Executive Summary Perceptions of Discrimination Most Americans believe minority groups experience a lot of discrimination in the United States today, although perceptions vary broadly by political affiliation and race. Together, these three religious groups comprise only 19 percent of the general public. Same-sex marriage garners majority support among Americans of most racial and ethnic backgrounds, but enduring political divisions persist. They're now virtually split. Pew says support from the younger group of evangelicals has increased substantially, to 47 percent now, up from 29 percent as recently as March Most religious groups in the U.

Blacks opposition to same sex marriage

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