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Dirty sex cop viedos

What a bad luck. The two cops then opened the door with the hooker hanging on it and the male cop took his cum gun out of his pocket, placed a doughnut over it and gave the slut that rod to suck on. Coppers posted pictures of them having a sexy romp in a patrol car The woman officer, named and pictured in the original photos posted on Facebook, and her unnamed male colleague will be asked to explain themselves at separate meetings with town hall chiefs in the next few days. The three of them were doing all sorts of sexual shenanigans that were probably against the law. At one point the female cop squirted as she had the best dicking of her life. The panties were off and the hooker was eating and licking her pussy as the cop fucked her deep and wet pussy like a beast.

Dirty sex cop viedos

The cock suck was too damn hot. The window was her best try so she placed her legs first over the window and needed to pull her torso out but she got stuck. Both naked girls took turns riding his fat dick and squirting all over the hood of the police car. The hooker was still there sucking on the pulled out cock with all the saliva and stuff. One of the potential punishments would be dismissal. As she is doing so, the cop car sneaks right behind her as the customer was squeezing her massive juggs. Another Mexican copper was arrested for letting scantily-clad women frisk him A video was later posted on YouTube and seen by thousands of people. Then, the naked babes assumed the position where the male cop could fuck her cunt and the female cop could mash on the hookers tits. The cops were fucking and there was even a reverse cowgirl position that took place. There was the fence, the whore hopped on to jump over it, but due to the laws of gravity, her huge knockers were preventing her from reaching over since they here so heavy. She ripped her pink panties off, her stockings too, spat on her police baton and stuck it as deep as it could go in her pussy. It was a sight to see! The dark raven got caught and was placed in the cop car. The female cop saw this and came over to teach her a lesson. Mexican papers that published the images pixellated the face of the female officer and blanked out her name, even though she was named and pictured on social networking sites. I like when girls are acting like hookers.. It was thick and big just like a cock she wanted so much. The sexy babe loved the sensation. At one point the female cop squirted as she had the best dicking of her life. While the two cops were talking to each other and having a nice tasty doughnut, the busty hooker tried to escape. In May two local police officers in Puebla were arrested after their patrol car was pictured during working hours parked inside the car park of a motel where amorous couples rent rooms by the hour for sex. The bitches even made out as the pussy was getting fucked. The pretty brunette touched the laughing patrolman twice between the legs while a female friend filmed the intimate body search. The female cop was getting ready to get her pussy some action. There were man and woman juices all over the place. The busty babe was salivating all over that cop prick as the female cop was eating her cunt and her whole ass.

Dirty sex cop viedos

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