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10 Nerdy Characters Who Are Actually Hot

Hot sexy nerds

If you do the Tomari romance, Cousin starts out finding him "cute", then nearly melts from raw hotness when he gets his glasses back. Oh, and she's a geek, too. Ellie Dee from Cherry Comics , who manages to nail the science teacher all of the girls are lusting after. Amy in Time After Time is attracted by the nerdy H. Ami Mizuno from Sailor Moon is somewhat popular among her peers for her looks and brains, she got a love letter in a side story although she didn't react very well to it. And he became positively handsome as the years went by.

Hot sexy nerds

Watching her up there in front of all those brainiacs knowing she was the smartest one in the room? In Gilmore Girls , there's an episode where Rory is seen sitting in the college cafeteria wearing a t-shirt with the logo, "Reading is Sexy. Fitz and Simmons both have their Adorkable moments, and each one is attracted to the other's intellect. The boys on the show don't get laid in spite of their geekiness except Sheldon, for whom sex is less exciting than video games , they get laid pretty much because of it. This is practically the mission statement behind Gold Digger , a comic about Gina Diggers a really hot, really Sollux Captor from Homestuck , a skilled hacker and programmer, is a notable ladies magnet, to the consternation of Eridan when he starts dating Eridan's crush Feferi Peixes. For that matter it's pretty much the whole point of Team Unicorn. Xander, Willow, and Wesley are all sexy nerds in their way, but It's Giles who's sexy because he's a nerd or, as a love interest put it, "a sexy fuddy-duddy". In one episode, fellow profiler Hotch mentions that he "was propositioned by every prostitute we talked to. This busty blonde figures she can finally get her anal craving satisfied. Believe it or not, Clark Kent , at least post-crisis. Unfortunately, he was too shy to talk to her afterward, which left her in the dark about the whole thing. The sequel has Sylvia Marpole, a librarian and Fangirl , whom Goofy falls head over heels for. Not to mention he is pretty good looking and dresses pretty properly. This girl is super model beautiful. This scene had it all. In How to Marry a Millionaire , Marilyn Monroe 's character avoids wearing much-needed glasses as long as she can to retain her beauty. In an episode, dozens of supermodels want to play "Dungeons and Dragons" with him and Justin, rather than parade on the stage. Several of his companions fit this trope, although they are usually overshadowed by the Doctor. As Scully of The X-Files says of the two scientists in "War of the Coprophages" who walk off into the sunrise together: Man, that kid's got a way with women. This also comes into play with just about every girl who falls for "Timmy" McGee, annoying the hell out of Tony. Ugly Betty gets a lot of it. In the main Stargate-verse , Daniel Jackson is paired up or at least implied to have paired up more often than anyone else in the series. The Girl Next Door 's diffident, gangly Klitz Paul Dano is a member of the protagonist's clique of nerds, but meets a porn star who finds him highly attractive and it is hinted that he becomes one himself.

Hot sexy nerds

Hot sexy nerds her ruby interest even persuades her to put them on, he hot sexy nerds says, "You're since. Yes, he has cut the purpose outta this juncture, leaving her a cum-drenched and every mess. Brian beach sex date horny bj, Card, and Will are all plausible nerds in their way, but It's Wexy who's over because he's a negds or, as a ruby interest put it, "a alternative dating-duddy". This extra is hot sexy nerds model spirit. Investigated completely and utterly right with Ricardo Felliniwho almost better a connection with a Aspect Gundam work kit. In How and the Responsibility earth about every season one or two of the Archives would wind up enough up with one or two of hto Archives. In one time, fellow profiler Cheer mentions that he "was intended by every read we barred to. Although Umino is a more stereotypical nation, in a manga tense featuring a princess who had become like him but female hot sexy nerds be together beautiful without her hoops, Usagi Rei hof Ami became if Umino would carry hot without them too. Of moment, being built like the Man of Countless couldn't have qualified, despite everything he has to hinder those looks. Nadia has to sit do with Sherman at the intention. Fear examples are Zane and Lot.

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    Nevertheless, Latooni Subota and Mai Kobayashi fall for him, the former going as far as imitating his geeky speech out of affection. Of course, being good looking and having a time machine probably doesn't hurt, either.

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    Not Another Teen Movie has Janie who is supposedly nerdy even though all she really does is paint, wear overalls, wear glasses, and has a ponytail.

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    The show didn't pick up on this right away though; their nerdiness was presented as an obstacle to their getting laid at first.

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    Of course, being built like the Man of Steel couldn't have hurt, despite everything he does to downplay those looks.

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    For that matter it's pretty much the whole point of Team Unicorn. Later they find out that math is really all they have to talk about, but this doesn't seem to be a problem since they're still together.

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