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Lesbian Shows Gay Guy Her Vagina

How to best simulate sex

But guys, remember to pay attention to her clitoris! A wet and well-lubricated piece of chamois can feel somewhat like the real thing. Not all of us are in a relationship and some are in a listless or wilted one. It's hard to simulate the actual intimacy of intercourse, but I think the best way is to continually lube up with as much saliva as possible. Spit comes close, but pre-cum is better. Masturbation satisfies in its own way, and a real woman can't be "simulated. That said, with every female lover I've had, there were times when we were together that she had to ask me, "Are you in? However, nothing feels as amazing and astonishing as making love.

How to best simulate sex

The orgasm is not necessarily any better. Then hold both hands together as in prayer, keeping the opening at the heel of the hands. However, nothing feels as amazing and astonishing as making love. Combine this with two pillows to slide between. Insert your penis and push it in and out until you reach climax. Now with the hand, grease it up well with K-Y, baby oil, etc. It's also necessary that it be a "T" so air can come and go, otherwise it will be too tight. There is nothing like it, and I think that is the way it's supposed to be. We can either keep you anonymous or acknowledge your donation on our Donate page. During sex, you're not just inside a vagina; you're inside a woman. The warm and moist feeling is wonderful, but feeling your penis being completely surrounded is second to nothing. Looking back, that was pretty close! Of course it's between multiple folds of sensitive skin and in a very personal part of her. To simulate this while masturbating, take a piece of soft foam and cut a slit about the width of your penis in it. I suggest greasing up your penis with salad oil and sliding your hands up and down loosely. But the smoothness of that particular stuffing is quite close to feeling like a vagina. Lubricate them with lotion, and move your hand in and out to heat the inside with the friction. Then set it beneath your mattress or get on top of it on your bed. Sure it's messy, but oh — what a feeling. I have to admit a vagina feels good — but in the moment of orgasm, there's nothing better than masturbating! Then, I pull the elastic mouth of the glove back down over the towel. So, I would say that there's no singularly distinctive sensation from your penis when you're inside a vagina — just an indefinite feeling of warmth, wetness, gentle pressure, and pleasure. It's a great, whole-body experience with someone you love a must — but for a really tight, explosive orgasm, stick to masturbating yourself with your own hand. If you're just using your hand, do not grab a hold of your penis too hard. Warm or hot hands are best. It seems sort of degrading to concentrate on the organ and not the person.

How to best simulate sex

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    This is the closest you can get to a vagina without spending money for an artificial one.

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    The orgasm is not necessarily any better.

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    It's like if you enjoy Coca-Cola because it's the best drink you know, but you don't have any Coke, what do you do?

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