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Jewish sex in marriage

It is important to note, however, that it is homosexual acts that are forbidden, not homosexual orientation. The requirement of marriage before sex ensures that sense of commitment and responsibility. The woman's right to sexual intercourse is referred to as onah, and it is one of a wife's three basic rights the others are food and clothing , which a husband may not reduce. Sperm in vain Hebrew: The source of this prohibition is a verse from the Book of Leviticus:

Jewish sex in marriage

Sex is the woman's right, not the man's. It is a serious offense to use sex or lack thereof to punish or manipulate a spouse. Passover , Shabu'ot , and Sukkoth [54]. Zera Levatala is a Talmudic term for any sexual act in which a male's sperm is consciously "wasted". Nevertheless, Judaism generally frowns upon female masturbation as "impure thoughts. Today, it is used primarily for this purpose and as part of the ritual of conversion , though in some communities observant men periodically immerse themselves for reasons of ritual purity. Although some sources take a more narrow view, the general view of halakhah is that any sexual act that does not involve sh'chatat zerah destruction of seed, that is, ejaculation outside the vagina is permissible. The need for physical compatibility between husband and wife is recognized in Jewish law. The Talmud specifies both the quantity and quality of sex that a man must give his wife. The document that provides for this is the ketuba. An unborn child has the status of "potential human life" until the majority of the body has emerged from the mother. Orthodox brides and grooms attend classes on this subject prior to the wedding. The fertility benefits of this practice are obvious and undeniable. Interfaith marriage in Judaism Rates of marriage between Jews and non-Jews have increased in countries other than Israel the Jewish diaspora. In later times, the Bible describes wives as being given the innermost room s of the husband's house, as her own private area to which men were not permitted; [24] [25] in the case of wealthy husbands, the Bible describes their wives as having each been given an entire house for this purpose. These laws are also known as taharat ha-mishpachah, family purity. If either partner refuses to participate, that person is considered rebellious, and the other spouse can sue for divorce. Jewish Attitudes Towards Sexuality In Jewish law , sex is not considered shameful, sinful or obscene. Because otherwise, one might emit semen in vain, and R. I have also heard some say that a condom would be permitted under Jewish law to prevent the transmission of AIDS or similar diseases, because preserving the life of the uninfected spouse takes priority; however, I am not certain how authoritative this view is. Although Onan's act was not truly masturbation, Jewish law takes a very broad view of the acts prohibited by this passage, and forbids any act of ha-sh'cha'tat zerah destruction of the seed , that is, ejaculation outside of the vagina. Sex between husband and wife is permitted even recommended at times when conception is impossible, such as when the woman is pregnant, after menopause, or when the woman is using a permissible form of contraception. The law of niddah is the only law of ritual purity that continues to be observed today; all of the other laws applied only when the Temple was in existence, but are not applicable today. The attitude towards a male sperm is one of a potential future living human being, and thus, masturbation is referred to as a murder, in which the masturbator is exterminating his potential offspring. A man has a duty to give his wife sex regularly and to ensure that sex is pleasurable for her.

Jewish sex in marriage

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    If either partner refuses to participate, that person is considered rebellious, and the other spouse can sue for divorce.

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    The woman's right to sexual intercourse is referred to as onah, and it is one of a wife's three basic rights the others are food and clothing , which a husband may not reduce. A woman may not withhold sex from her husband as a form of punishment, and if she does, the husband may divorce her without paying the substantial divorce settlement provided for in the ketubah.

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    Reform and Reconstructionist rabbis are free to take their own approach to performing marriages between a Jewish and non-Jewish partner.

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    In addition, women who have sexual intercourse during their menstrual period are more vulnerable to a variety of vaginal infections, as well as increased risk of cervical cancer.

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