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Kentucky Changes Same-Sex Marriage License Laws

Kentucky same sex marriage

In fact, the state currently has the Defense of Marriage Act written into their Constitution and the state's law. Beshear vetoed the bill and the legislature overrode his veto by votes of in the House and in the Senate. In fact, no individuals can be ordered to pay alimony or to divide property. Journalists filmed the confrontation between the three in September of that year. The language also stated that no union , other than marriage, would be recognized by the state.

Kentucky same sex marriage

There are widely accepted criteria by which judges can and must recuse themselves; the conviction that the law itself is illegitimate is not one of them. Hate crime laws[ edit ] Kentucky statutes cover hate crimes based on sexual orientation but not gender identity. In Kentucky, gay marriage is banned in the state's Constitution and in Statutes. When Republican Governor Ernie Fletcher took office, however, he removed these protections in Gay marriage, and other same sex relationships, receive no legal recognition whatsoever in Kentucky. However, reports regarding Whitley County clerk Kay Schwartz's appearance at a religious rally outside the state capitol on August 22, shed new light on the reason behind the delay. The push came from the gay-rights group Kentucky Equality Federation , whose president, Jordan Palmer, began lobbying the U. The name of the county clerk does not appear on the license. It heard oral arguments on August 6, the same day it heard same-sex marriage cases originating in Michigan , Ohio , and Tennessee. It said it was bound by the U. He acknowledged to a local journalist that homosexuals might have legitimate reservations about appearing before him, which they might in custody or divorce cases, among other proceedings. Bias against a whole slice of the population is a different, and disqualifying, matter, and renders Mr. In total, six couples, four represented by the ACLU, and two couples with separate legal representation, sued Davis in her official capacity as County Clerk. Davis, finding her refusal to issue marriage licenses or allow her deputy clerks to do so, constituted contempt of court. The event was organized by the conservative Christian group, The Family Foundation. On the same date, defendants lodged an interlocutory appeal of Bourke in the Sixth Circuit. Marriage is clearly defined in law, several times, to avoid any allowance for same sex couples. A briefing schedule on this issue was completed by May Governor Beshear was asked by federal court Judge David Bunning to brief the court on the validity of the altered licenses. The language also stated that no union , other than marriage, would be recognized by the state. Bunning ordering Rowan County clerk Kim Davis to resume issuing marriage licenses to all couples was to go into effect on August 31, or upon a ruling by the 6th Circuit Court. In fact, case law goes back to at which time a lesbian couple attempted to get married. Opponents argued its wording was vague and could be used to override local non-discrimination ordinances. Appellate decision[ edit ] On November 6, the Sixth Circuit ruled 2—1 in both cases that Kentucky's ban on same-sex marriage does not violate the Constitution. Beshear On February 14, , two same-sex couples who were denied marriage licenses in Kentucky asked to be allowed to intervene in Bourke.

Kentucky same sex marriage

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