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Once a Poster Child for Austerity, Latvia Becomes a Hotbed of Corruption

Latvian chils sex videos

In , Latvia amended section of the criminal law, which pertains to special protection measures for crime victims, including victims of trafficking. With regards to adolescents, there is a high number of pregnancies in young women from 15 to 17 years of age. Unfortunately, such youths are deprived of much of their freedom. The government enrolled 14 new victims into the program, an increase from eight victims in To a lesser extent, Latvia is a source and destination country for exploitation in forced criminality. Latvian women and girls are subjected to sex trafficking in Latvia and other parts of Europe. They are isolated, without access to care or education, and are often deported without access to legal counsel.

Latvian chils sex videos

Most street children work in prostitution to support themselves and it is common for children living in orphanages to be sold, without qualm, for the purposes of sexual exploitation. It is difficult to stop this humiliating practice and matters are not helped by the widely held view that acts of violence committed within the family realm are considered to be private matters. The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance has advised the Latvian authorities to ensure the improvement of the education system in Latvia for children of ethnic minorities in order to provide equal access to higher education and jobs. Children born into detention do not receive a birth certificate and remain unrecognized. In the past six years, only four victims received court-ordered restitution payments from their traffickers. In addition, diseases such as tuberculosis and hepatitis are on the rise, with iron deficiency and malnutrition persisting. The four male victims from the labor trafficking case cooperated with authorities. Violence Abuse Corporal punishment is officially prohibited by Latvian law. It also recommends finding a place in the curriculum for the teaching of minority languages and cultures. Experts noted agencies tasked primarily with non-trafficking issues, such as the state border guard and the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, made little effort to recognize trafficking cases for investigation or refer victims for assistance. It is common for children that have been victims of sexual abuse to do the same to others, with some parents abusing their children for the same reason. The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance wants Latvian authorities to strengthen their efforts in managing this phenomenon. However, they may not provide services if neighbours object. Street children are the most plagued by this kind of trafficking due to their vulnerability. A case from involving two Riga police officers charged with facilitating pimping remained in pre-trial investigation at the end of the reporting period. With regards to adolescents, there is a high number of pregnancies in young women from 15 to 17 years of age. All courts had digital video capabilities and audio recording equipment to protect victims from trafficker-victim confrontation. This is unfortunate for unaccompanied children and those who have been separated from their families, because it goes against their development and often deprives them of the right to family. All new victims enrolled were female, four of whom were minors subjected to sexual exploitation in Latvia and four of whom were exploited abroad. Judges and prosecutors have the power to reclassify cases from section to lesser crimes. Racist violence The main victims of such violence are the Roma, including children. Persons are prohibited to join in groups in order to offer and provide sexual services for fee or to receive orders for sexual services. Right to education In Latvia, primary and secondary education is free and mandatory. Corporal punishment continues to be practiced in schools and adequate sanctions have not been imposed. Latvia has never convicted a criminal defendant of labor trafficking. Sexual violence Many Latvian children are also confronted by sexual violence such as rape or abuse. Special classes for Roma children have been created which reinforce the stigma of this minority group.

Latvian chils sex videos

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    The government demonstrated increasing efforts by certifying more victims for the state-funded victim assistance program, leading two international anti-trafficking projects, and initiating the first investigation of forced labor within its borders in at least five years.

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