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Sex with a Libra

Libra male sextrology

Whether it's a bubble bath in a luxurious bathroom all surrounded with lit candles or a bed full of red roses, you will have your Libra man all ready to give you the time of your life. He prefers well-balanced and peaceful relationships. For him, sex is a wholesome experience, not just a quick turmoil in bed. He wants to have conversations only with people who are into a greater level of thinking. It is easy to win him for the bond; but the wedding planings should be done without him. Write a love poem for him and just earnestly tell him what he means to you.

Libra male sextrology

Whether it's a bubble bath in a luxurious bathroom all surrounded with lit candles or a bed full of red roses, you will have your Libra man all ready to give you the time of your life. His not so athletic physique can be deceptive. A Libra man loves adventure in bed While in bed, make sure that you give plenty of thrill and adventure to your Libra man. Some women may love this so much, that they will prolong his agony intentionally. Takes his time to satisfy. Too much dependency or emotional volatility throws you and everything in your life out of whack. He enjoys a well balanced and peaceful relationship. If you stimulate his heart and mind, you stimulate his sexual urge too. He is a good conversationalist and expects the same from others. But for that to happen, woman need to indicate what she wants in the bed. Compliment him A Libra man loves to get compliments from his woman. He tends to be knowledgeable about the human anatomy and add to that a very active erotic imagination…the combination is unparalleled! This is one reason why the women love him so much. During courtship, he uses charme as a weapon. With an exceptional sense of humor and ability to share jokes, Libra man makes a perfect guy for the company. As much as the Libra male is sincere and honest in everything that he says, it does not mean that he is insensitive. He sees nothing bad in having an affair with two women simultaneously. He performs slowly but steadily, and probably his partner will be the first one sighing satisfied. Find out all that your man likes and his erogenous zones if you want to make love to him in a sexy way. His playfulness can lead to an exciting prelude, if she can go with it and enjoy. Sensual massage A sensual massage will seduce your Libra man. Romance, cozy, cuddling and in bed with his love are some things that he loves. At an early age, the Libra boy is already interested in girls — an interest which persists for his life — but he was born for marriage. He easily cajoles women to become his date and also falls in love very easily. Ready to pounce, Libra man would look for opportunities to make a healthy social circle. The Gemini woman is quite unpredictable whereas the Libra man is quite steady.

Libra male sextrology

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    Prolong the foreplay and run almost when he feels you are almost there. The more passionately a woman is, the more carefully she must proceed.

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    Since he is peaceful and loving by nature, he takes injustices very bad.

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