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What is a Board Certified Sexologist? Meet Seattle's Dr. Roger Libby

Man seattle sex therapy

It's absolutely courageous and stunning! Telephone is the fastest way to contact us. A previous career in Information Technology assists me in helping those in the tech field who may experience a particular set of challenges in that work setting. That's where we want to hover together: Read her client information statement here.

Man seattle sex therapy

Larson at Seattle Institute. Email Dominique Walmsley at Seattle Institute. That's where we want to hover together: Diana at Seattle Institute. Sex is broad and expansive - and perhaps you may not be aware of the ways you have limited intimacy, connection, and being known in your encounters. I'm here to listen to you at a deep level, to come to know you, and to help you see ways that you may be unintentionally contributing to your own difficulties, at times. Most of us have been taught that sexuality is about genitals; that's an extremely limited view, considering the immense capacity of human beings to feel and know each others' hearts and desires at extremely personal levels. Telephone is the fastest way to contact us. Jamie's office is located in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. The core of these therapies points to the belief that you are fundamentally wired for relationship and intimacy, that you have been profoundly influenced by your primary relationships, and that you have competing drives to connect and become a distinct, solid individual. We'll look at ways to care for yourself that are increasingly in line with what you're wanting now. We'll get through that by connecting multiple dimensions of you simultaneously, moving you into the core experience so you can feel and find relief. My patients become determined to grow as they face the frustrations, distress and pain they currently experience inter-personally and internally because they make meaning out of their struggle. I focus on noticing and challenging your self-imposed barriers to connection and intimacy that have been historically protective of you. They help couples find satisfaction and build harmony in their sexual relationship. When we touch down into deeper aspects of the feelings and relational struggles you experience, you will become more present, aware and grounded in your body. Being known, valued and loved by yourself and others is invigorating and expansive. She presents public seminars and workshops in Cantonese and English on various mental health issues. Read her client information statement here. Often sexuality is engaged with in a way that undermines intimacy, connection, and relational pleasure for both individuals. Often times one partner begins to 'just get through' the experience, and both partners feel unfulfilled, and feel more anxiety, fear, and frustration with their sexual lives than pleasure and connection. At other times we will return your call as soon as possible. It is a profound privilege for me to meet with them as they risk being open with me, themselves and their partners. Being hard on yourself isn't helpful because you are undermining the energy and desire it takes to change. I am pursuing ongoing advanced professional training in areas of sexuality and sexual dysfunctions in order to holistically support my patients as they free themselves up to live deeply and authentically in their bodies, minds and hearts. And choosing requires investment and really showing up with all of you. The ability to show your heart, mind, and body simultaneously during a sensual experience is intimate, personal, beautiful work.

Man seattle sex therapy

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