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Piliage sex

The name dictates what people see! In a spirited and thoughtful reply , fellow bloggers Mark van Vugt and Anjana Ahuja have come to the defense of the Male Warrior hypothesis. In other cultures, such as the Wodaabe, men are socialized to use color for courtship, and the experimental results would probably look very different. This could increase male violence. Indeed, the male warrior hypothesis is closely linked to the hypothesis that men have a rape instinct.

Piliage sex

I suspect that if we looked across societies, variation in violence would correlate more strongly with social variables than with biological ones. In any case, it is risky drawing inferences from other species. According to the male warrior hypothesis, men evolved to form violent coalitions that would wage wars in order to capture women or collect resources that would make them more attractive to women. They note that men, but not women, mention favorite athletic teams when providing reasons for preferring their favorite colors. The idea is that a simple physical difference like this can have downstream consequences under certain social conditions. The name dictates what people see! I think the evidence given for the male warrior hypothesis can be better explained by appealing to some widely accepted assumptions about human history. Modern human beings have been around for , years, so archeological evidence for violence comes far into our history. When physical and social aggression are both considered, gender differences tend to diminish. In their original paper, they suggest an alternative to the war-for-rape hypothesis. Thus, athletics is one of the few socially sanctioned opportunities for men to express color preferences. First, let me offer an important concession and clarification. Evolution can affect psychology, and there is little reason to deny that man and women have evolved to have different psychology traits. But the opposite strikes me as worse. And, of course, girls may quickly learn that they are less powerful than boys, which may lead them to adopt other more social forms of aggression. So, I don't find the color study compelling evidence that men are more tribal than women. There are, however, two issues that divide us. I think nature and nurture are both important, and evolutionary psychologists agree. They say that men may be evolved to wage war in order to aquire resources that can be used to attract women in their own tribes. I should not have implied that agriculture is the sole source of male violence. This is the war-for-spoils hypothesis. A leading developmental psychologist found that parents tend to punish boys for bad conduct, whereas when girls misbehave, parents explain to them why their actions were wrong. I watched your show this morning and that black lady who gets paid by her church probably; talking about how a high school teacher should not have brought her students to a "sex novelty" store. It is hard to see why waging war would have been an evolutionary advantage, much less a tool for courtship. Their violence may result from the fact that their territories are diminishing. First, though, I want to mention one more scientific finding, which they offer in supoort of the male warrior hypothesis.

Piliage sex

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    Just what Jesus imagined and desired. First, let me offer an important concession and clarification.

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    The defenders of the male warrior hypothesis might agree that men are not evolved to be rapists.

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