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Sex drive returns effexor

Sorry if this is embarrassing. Even saliva can help Just be there for him and make sure to express ALL your emotions to each other. The frustrating thing has been that the effexor has increased my sex drive insanely, but I could not finish unless I was willing to devote an hour or more to vigorous self-stimulation. I'm not on effexor so I hope it is OK to post this.

Sex drive returns effexor

Other options i've read about are yohimbe and viagra, but yohimbe has a chance of causing serotonin syndrome, so be careful if you go that route. I really enjoy my sex life and am starting Effexor in a couple weeks. It killed her libido. Sorry for all the qus, I am doing my own research into this as well but finding it all incredibly confusing especially when concentration and understanding whats going on around me isn't my strong point when I'm going through an "episode". It can be so hard for some people because of the way they were raised. Is it common practice to add it to other ADs to counteract sexual side effects? Reading through this thread I'm quite confused. All SSRI's I've been on have decreased libido and physical sexual side effects are prevalent male, 38 years old. Side Effects of Effexor: I have succeeded in orgasming a few times, both by myself and with company, but it is a hit-or-miss proposition. That day I made a promise to him that I would support him and be with him until he told me to go. Just be there for him and make sure to express ALL your emotions to each other. I have been on Effexor about a month or five weeks and found from Day 1 that orgasming was going to be a much rarer thing for me as long as I was on it. Good energy to all. My doctor told me to stop these two drugs when the Effexor arrives. Any comments from both men and women on the side effect with your sex life and any ideas what you did to overcome this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help. And lets be honest. Fortunately my husband doesn't mind working on it. As for the sexual SEs, they really threw me for a loop. When I woke up the next morning he was reading a book. Does that pass with time? In reality, how long does a person really want to spend having sex. I had no desire whatsoever for anything sexual, which is odd for me, being 19 and all. If an O is impossible then maybe its a small price to pay for the benefits efexor gives us. The only side effects that I am having is a little dizziness and some headaches. On another board I post on, and individual from Australia has had great luck using remeron to counter act the side effects of effexor.

Sex drive returns effexor

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    I had no desire whatsoever for anything sexual, which is odd for me, being 19 and all.

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    There can be so many misunderstanding and misconceptions otherwise.

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