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Sex education in adolescents

This could be owing to the lack of knowledge of scientific evidence along with the gross unpreparedness of the public health system. More number of students were studying in class 10th and 11th i. Consider serving as a referral source for students who need comprehensive reproductive health services. Unlike school-based instruction, discussion of sexuality with pediatricians provides opportunities for personalized information, for confidential screening of risk status, and for health promotion and counseling. Adolescents who become sexually active need additional advice and health care services. Counsel parents and adolescents about circumstances that are associated with earlier sexual activity, including early dating, excessive unsupervised time, truancy, and alcohol use.

Sex education in adolescents

This can be achieved through education about sex and drugs and teaching the use of ethical and moral principles to govern their actions, in order to discourage ambiguity and the development of careless, unhealthy, and potentially dangerous attitudes. It should encourage exploration of values and morale values, consideration of sexuality and personnel relationships and the development of communication and decision making skills. Results The present study was a cross-sectional study conducted in rural and urban areas of district Ambala, Haryana. Provide appropriate counseling or referrals for children and adolescents with special issues and concerns. Adolescents should be counseled regarding the importance of consistent use of safer sex precautions. Programs that have linked educational curricula with access to reproductive health services and comprehensive community-based interventions have also documented reductions in pregnancy rates. Special care was taken to include the students in age group from years by ensuring participation of all classes from 9th to 12th. Advise children and adolescents to discontinue high-risk sexual behavior and avoid or discontinue coercive relationships. When appropriate, acknowledge that sexual activity may be pleasurable but also must be engaged in responsibly. Female were According to the United Nations Human Rights Council Report by not providing sex education, this violates the human rights of Indian adolescents and young people as recognized under international law. Some pediatricians may want to consider the use of established curricula to ensure that all major points are covered. The subjects which seem to be ill-addressed by the current curriculum include puberty and the body, conception and contraception, healthy relationships and communication, gender identity, body image, and HIV prevention. Both Hindi and English questionnaires were used as per choice of the respondents. A total of students of years age-group those responded well, without hiding any problem were the subjects of the present study. They are taught to recognize situations in which they are pressurized by others and how to resist and deal with these, along with challenging long-standing prejudices they are faced in day to day life. Provide or arrange for counseling about sexuality for these children or adolescents. Adolescents have limited knowledge about sexual and reproduction health, and know little about the natural processes of puberty, sexual health, pregnancy or reproduction. It suggests that the curriculum imposes beliefs and values on young people that prevent them from clarifying their own beliefs and values and discourages them from making their own decisions. Counsel children and parents about normal sexual development before the onset of sexual activity, and encourage parent-child communication about sexuality. These figures indicate the importance of specifically addressing the healthcare needs of this considerable demographic, particularly for the developing countries such as India. Programs that encourage abstinence as the best option for adolescents, but offer a discussion of HIV prevention and contraception as the best approach for adolescents who are sexually active, have been shown to delay the initiation of sexual activity and increase the proportion of sexually active adolescents who reported using birth control. A self designed, semi-structured, self-report pretested questionnaire was used to screen students regarding knowledge and attitude about sex education. A total of school- going adolescents studying in classes 9th to 12th in the selected government and private schools situated in different parts of urban and rural areas were included in the study. This can only be achieved by scrapping away deep rooted and widely accepted misconceptions and speculations.

Sex education in adolescents

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