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Sex is it normal to

Yes, this is quite normal! Sometimes more of a jelly-like consistency. If so, tell him! There is no one answer for this other than as often as you feel like. Other people like the former but not the latter or vice versa. Unfortunately, this means that they have sex less and less, which can put a big strain on their relationship. Is it normal for sex to be painful? All questions will be kept anonymous and key details, facts and figures may change to protect your identity. Everything else changes, and not always for the worse!

Sex is it normal to

And constant pressuring to have sex can be distressing. In reality vaginas are an open canal, and semen can also seep out of your bum if someone came inside you during anal sex. It may not be right for anyone else, but who cares if you both enjoy it? They recognise other things can have equal or more importance than sex such as friendships, work, hobbies, or other interests. If so, tell him! Is there something wrong with me? Each partner learns what is sexually-satisfying for the other, so that they can both enjoy the experience. In general however, you both should be feeling that your sexual needs are being met. Email your sex and relationships queries in confidence to: What do we mean by this? Is it normal for sex to be painful? Semen has a distinctive scent and if you can smell it on you, you can feel self conscious or anxious about others noticing. Since I got pregnant I am scared that having sex will harm the baby. But remember that sex, like having dinner together, is a mutual experience. You can pass on some infections through skin-to-skin contact. A bit like the pregnancy fears listed above, I also hear from people who are anxious they have a sexually transmitted infection. If may be very difficult at first, particularly if you have never discussed sex, but it could mean the difference between a happy life together and a life where you are both just a bit resentful. However, if your desire for sex is so imbalanced and looks set to remain so, that's a good enough reason to end things. If there is any reason not to, your obstetrician will talk to you about it. You get the picture: Discharge What is normal Sex? In reality the quantity, colour, taste and texture of semen varies a lot. In the same way, you would be outraged if your partner never let you have your favourite food. Semen usually liquefies over time, and if not wiped away will dry on fabrics or other surfaces. As long as you feel comfortable, as long as it arouses you and as long as you are not embarrassed, it is all OK.

Sex is it normal to

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    Men are often better at putting aside their other worries and concerns, and this helps them to concentrate on, and therefore enjoy, sex more easily. If you think about it though, this makes no sense.

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