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Sex offender and reintegration

A supportive social network makes a difference. A number of respondents expressed the view that the authorities concentrate on the least-well-educated men and, conse- quently, there is little support for men who have those skills but need to retrain to enable them to compete in the job market. In this section, a brief overview of the main legal requirements placed on sexual offenders is reviewed. Perhaps the take-home message is about compassion and humanity. The sample size and response rate for the employer questionnaire is small; however, when analysed in conjunction with the one-to-one interviews the responses provide a good indicator of some of the main concerns for employers. Despite the lack of formal education, most of the respondents stated that they had at least some experience of employment prior to imprisonment. Concerns about the individual reoffending while employed were strongly felt.

Sex offender and reintegration

All of the respondents were serving, or had served, a prison sentence for a sexual offence. Those participants who reported most satisfaction with their adjustment following release had more comprehensive reintegration plans, which enabled them to visualise what life would be like after release. The perpetrator is often someone the victim knows and trusts. Stable housing, as well as social support, has shown a relationship to reduced sexual recidivism and criminality among both child molesters and rapists. This might include intimate relationships, stable employment, and positive community ties. Many of the respondents expressed enthusiasm for self-employment, although most had not given the issue much thought or planning. There are also restrictions imposed through the SOPO, or as part of the conditions of licence, that restrict where an individual may visit or when an individual may be outside his or her home; an example of this would be that the offender must remain in his or her home to coincide with times when children may be travelling to and from school. Five probation case managers with experience of dealing with sex offenders and 17 other multi-agency professionals, including those involved in education and treatment provision, were interviewed during the course of the research. Some say it is made up of lower risk ex-offenders who are easier to rehabilitate. Most expressed real concern about the issue of disclosing their offence to potential employers saying they would feel shame, nervousness and embarrassment. Most important, they are given the confidence that they are in control of themselves and that they can choose to behave differently than before. Robin Wilson, professor and program coordinator at the Humber Institute of Technology and Applied Learning, states that relatively few sex crimes, around 23 percent, involve a stranger previously unknown to the victim. There were eleven interviews with offenders living in the community and under licence and nine with offenders in prison. A number of respondents expressed the view that the authorities concentrate on the least-well-educated men and, conse- quently, there is little support for men who have those skills but need to retrain to enable them to compete in the job market. The interviews revealed that most of the participants feared their release from prison into the community and once released struggled to live in society. Another study Kruttschnitt, Uggen and Shelton found that the only factors associated with reducing reoffending among sex offenders was the combination of stable employ- ment and sex offender treatment. In this section, a brief overview of the main legal requirements placed on sexual offenders is reviewed. However, these health-related issues were not reported as being a barrier to employment, although many recognised that they would be limited as to the type of employment for which they could apply. Compared to the general population, prisoners are 13 times as likely to be unemployed Social Exclusion Unit For those respondents in prison, accommodation on release was a concern. Still, some sex offenders really are too high-risk to be allowed back into their communities. A range of restrictions can be imposed by means of a sexual offences prevention order SOPO Sexual Offences Act and these include prohibitions on individuals owning a computer or having access to the Internet, both important in the workplace. This included both general support and the provision of accommodation, as well as actually getting them a job in a business run by family or friends. The overall level of educational attainment was low, with many respondents leaving formal education at the age of 16 years. A supportive social network makes a difference. Overall, reintegration planning was simplistic and aimed primarily to manage risk factors rather than promote reintegration.

Sex offender and reintegration

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    This contradiction was evident in the concerns over the employment of sex offenders in the education system Halpin and Blair and highlights that the employment of sex offenders is highly problematic. For sex offenders, rehabilitation proves to be extremely problematic.

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