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7 Best SEX Positions for Getting Pregnant

Sex positions for conceiving

It can be useful to lie on a small pillow so her hips are tilted upwards slightly. Overview of female sexual function and dysfunction. Having to swim upwards or downwards, across or sideways is unlikely to make much of a difference. Women can, and do, conceive in any position. One claims that sex with the woman on top will lead to a girl, while sex with the man on top will produce a boy. This means that the smallest amount of semen escapes and is retained as close to the cervix the neck of the uterus as possible. Why Do Sex Positions Matter? Gravity means that if you stay lying down after sex, the semen is more likely to stay in your vagina and around your cervix than if you get up straight away.

Sex positions for conceiving

For more on what actually works, see our article what the scientists say about sex selection. Sexual positions where the woman is on the top. Although these suggestions are unlikely to boost your chances of conceiving too much, they are unlikely to hurt either. What might help to conceive? Obviously, it's very important that your partner orgasms in trying to conceive sex, but there is no evidence that female orgasms make any difference here. The missionary position allows the penis to reach the area at the front of the cervix. If you've been trying for a few months with no success, try to stay lying down for ten minutes after sex, with your hips raised on a pillow to encourage the sperm to travel down to your egg. What decides whether you conceive a girl or a boy? Use pillows to tilt your pelvis so that your vagina is tilting downwards. So although it may help in the immediate post sex period to have a little lie down, being flat on your back for days would not only be uncomfortable, but unrealistic as well. A British Medical Journal study reported that 27 percent of women who remained lying down after intrauterine insemination IUI became pregnant, compared to 17 percent among the women who got up immediately after the procedure. This means that the smallest amount of semen escapes and is retained as close to the cervix the neck of the uterus as possible. Whatever positions you decide to try, consider lying down for at least 15 minutes afterward. Should I stay lying down after sex to boost my chances of conceiving? It can be a real turn off to some male partners if they feel their sole focus is simply to become a sperm donor. What are the best sex positions to help get pregnant? Magnetic resonance imaging MRI of sexual intercourse: While this study focused on women receiving a fertility treatment in which sperm is injected directly into the uterus, the advantage may also apply to good old-fashioned intercourse. Missionary Although it might not be the most exciting position to get intimate with your partner, it gives deep penetration close to the cervix, so your partner's swimmers have a little extra help in their swim for an egg. Some women swear that their chances of conceiving were helped by placing their legs upwards on the wall next to their bed. September References Basson R. The woman gets into position, as if she were about to be the wheelbarrow in a wheelbarrow race—hands either on the floor or bed you can also rest on your elbows. Then, instead of thrusting, the man and woman rock their pelvises together in rhythm—which still gives you the gravity-assisting effect of missionary. Magnetic resonance imaging of male and female genitals during coitus and female sexual arousal. Br Med J It is worth remembering that with or without lying on your back after sex, or cycling your legs in the air, or doing handstands, millions of sperm are released in every male orgasm, so even if you get up straight away, they should already be on their way. Do I need to orgasm when trying to conceive?

Sex positions for conceiving

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    Some women believe that avoiding going to the bathroom and doing a wee straight after sex helps them to conceive. Nature has a way of making sure of that.

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    You may have heard that some positions, such as your partner on top missionary position , are better than others for getting pregnant.

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    But this position is uncomfortable for some women; it causes them pain and cervical tenderness. So although it may help in the immediate post sex period to have a little lie down, being flat on your back for days would not only be uncomfortable, but unrealistic as well.

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    That said, do not follow this advice if your GP or health professional has ever advised you to empty your bladder immediately after sex.

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