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Sex ratio natural population drosophila

Acknowledgements We are grateful to B. Sex ratios produced by females collected on Independent Samoa, with embryonic survival of eggs laid and infection status with B-group Wolbachia The cause of the female bias produced by individual females in Independent Samoa was identical to that observed in a previous study examining female-biased sex ratios produced by certain H. Fitness measurements have been made mainly in D. Genetic load in natural populations: In any sexually reproducing population, half of the genes come from each sex, regardless of the population sexual proportion. Fawcett for laboratory assistance; E. Collectively, these findings indicate that sex-ratio distorters can be maintained unrepressed over population genetic time scales in a variety of species, and our study indicates that they can do this even when at high prevalence. The SR cline in D.

Sex ratio natural population drosophila

We show that conditions for protected polymorphisms are not unduly restrictive and that differential fitness among males is not sufficient for protected polymorphism, irrespective of the degree of meiotic drive. In the absence of strong counteracting selection, SR is expected to increase rapidly to fixation, causing extinction. Heredity Edinb Dec;73 Pt 6: The sequence was then compared with the known wsp and ftsZ sequences of the Wolbachia male-killer bacteria from Fiji. We suggest that a reduced rate of immigration along with a low remating rate may have been sufficient to permit SR to drive the WA population to extinction. This is a strikingly smaller proportion than the year before , Population genetics of modifiers of meiotic drive. Females from Independent Samoa were collected and dissected to produce a matedness rate across the island. These alleles should spread until the equilibrium of equal number of males and females is reached. This figure is consistent with the observed population sex ratio of 1. Whereas selection on autosomes favors individuals that produce the Fisher Hamilton optimum, selection on sex chromosomes and cytoplasmic genes does not 2 — 4. The similarity of this Wolbachia strain to that previously found to kill males in Fiji was assessed through sequencing of the wsp and ftsZ genes. Comparative studies will also be useful to determine whether certain ecological or demographic variables or aspects of the mating system are common among species that harbour SR versus those that do not. Shown is the relationship between SR prevalence and a the mean number of female copulations over the 2 days of the mating assay, and b the fraction of females that remated on the second day. At this point, we can only hypothesize about why the mating rate varies among populations, and it is clear that much work remains to determine what causes differential selection on the female mating rate in this and other species. An estimate of heterosis in Drosophila melanogaster. For an SGE such as X-chromosome drive, males produce fewer sperm overall as a result of the mechanism to bias transmission, which can make them vulnerable to reduced fertility and sperm competition under conditions of multiple mating. The PCR products were cleansed of nucleotides and unincorporated primers by using Amicon PCR purification microcolumns and then directly sequenced through both strands by using the original PCR primers. At the lower end of our observed polyandry values, for example in OR and WA, this is not likely to be the case. If the presence of SR selects for increased polyandry, we would expect that populations with higher polyandry would also have higher SR prevalence. The effect of drive in sexual proportion has important evolutionary consequences. Causes of sex ratio bias may account for unisexual sterility in hybrids: The spermatophores produced by Independent Samoan H. Heredity Edinb May; The spread of Y-linked suppressors of sex-ratio in SR-bearing populations can be explained by meiotic drive theory: Thus, fertility selection against SR alleles within populations appears to be balancing the high rates of gene flow among populations. Selected References These references are in PubMed.

Sex ratio natural population drosophila

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