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Sex scenes from the reader

Just in advance of his buzzy film's release, Daldry spoke with Vulture about back-loading The Reader's more intimate scenes, and the clashes between Harvey Weinstein and producer Scott Rudin that eventually led to the latter taking his name off the project. Well, yes, to be frank, especially when you're dealing with a young man like David Kross. I doubt it's an accident that you're in this movie about life immediately after the Second World War when you look so much like Michael York from Cabaret, a film about life just before the Second World War. I don't know, those two … they fight, what can I say? I mean, they honestly both were for a variety of extremely different reasons. In History, we were taught about the whole, the whole process - how it started, how it began, and how it developed, and the whole history of it. It was a conversation after we'd completed the negotiations to get more time and more money and more resources, which actually all ended incredibly happily. Then again, he's only

Sex scenes from the reader

I mean, they honestly both were for a variety of extremely different reasons. How did this all even begin? How funny would it be if you won for The Reader? Oh God, it was. You would eat in fancy restaurants, how would you order from the menu? That sometimes works and sometimes, ha! I would watch people in cafes, how they would stand up, even little things, like…. The first thing we knew we'd do was not shoot it chronologically at all, but shoot the love scenes last, mostly to give David and Kate enough time to get to know each other and get easy with one another. And to be reunited with Leo, it was just such a dream, you know? What were you taught in school? Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement Um [giggles] And I never had any question that I should film it in Germany. Oh well, his time will come. I really did, just a lot. We were determined to make it the best prosthetics ever seen on screen. The film does have a good deal of intimacy and nudity. Getting the role of Hanna in The Reader has been a roller coaster ride for you. Did that make shooting on location a more intense experience than usual? And so, I spent a lot of time with an organisation in New York City, the Literacy Partners and I sat in on incredible workshops with men and women who were learning to read and write for the first time in their life. Oh, so I was committing a crime then? It was a very painstaking and thorough process, because we knew it just had to look real. Did you use some of the dirty talk you used with Ricky Gervais with David to loosen the tension of your sex scenes? How did you do that? And the amazing thing for me was when I would sit down, the breasts would move; there was a belly, there were thigh pieces, there was back fat, there was a small hump here where the top of the spine starts to go, and everybody contributed to these ideas. So the film was going to be completed and edited and finished — they were just arguing over release date and the other particulars?

Sex scenes from the reader

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