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Benefits of Cinnamon - How to Improve Sexual Desire with Cinnamon Recipe

Sex spells cinnamon oil

This will cleanse the bottle from any negativity might possess. Love, peace, sexuality, and beauty. When these days are over, put some of this oil on your skin after your bath and go out and have fun. But this is something we will talk about in another post. First cultivated and used in the East, Cinnamon was burned to purify the temple. Magical Oils for Love can be used for Sensual Massage, carrying on your person to attract that perfect mate or Anointing your Candles when doing a Love Spell.

Sex spells cinnamon oil

Yarrow is used in love and marriage spells since it has the power to keep a couple together for 7 years. Dionysus is associated with Homosexuality too and generally the pleasures of Sex. The number of drops of essential oil you use is up to you and can vary from mixture to mixture. See the birds in the forest, feel the life of the forest, the animals, the trees. An it harm none, do as ye will. Every night the couple should anoint one another, using their own jars. Hold it and visualize yourself in the same life blooming shiny forest. Add a small piece of orris root to each bottle. Fragrant oils often contain chemicals and cannot create the energies you need to work with. Cinnamon bark is an herb and herbal tea that helps nourish the kidneys and can increase sexual energy and enhance fertility. Feel the energy of the sun, the heat, the creative power, the absolute power of the Sun. Burning the incense works in a similar way as using it as a charm except you are converting it by burning it. Thus associated with the flowing of Chi Qi. Magickal History and Correspondences and uses: Do not ingest or add to food. Health and healing, love, peace, and the consciousness mind. From ancient Egypt to Chine, this herb was used in praising deities of Fire and Sun, and one of my personal favourites The Lore of Cinnamon Cinnamon is a fragrant herb used as spice or incense since the ancient years. Do not use externally on the body, as it irritates the skin. Now that you have chosen a carrier oil, you will need essential oils associated with your intent. Protection Amulet Tie 9 cinnamon sticks together and hang them above your doors to protect your home from unwanted people and energy. This oil is quite strong and should only be used in one or two drops, as it can be very irritating to the skin. This oil is suitable for those who feel something is missing from their love lives and need a fresh, optimistic kick-start. When these days are over, put some of this oil on your skin after your bath and go out and have fun. Here is a collection of Oils submitted to me by many people around the Globe. If there were no labels or books to teach us or to suggest such feelings we would probably come up with some of our own or fall back on our sense of smell, sight, and touch to tell us what is good and what is bad for us. It can be used in this way to reach our higher selves, a higher state of spirituality.

Sex spells cinnamon oil

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