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Sex steroids

Sex steroids are also physiological regulators of pituitary GH secretion. As in the case of bone, loss of muscle strength in men and women with age exceeds the decline in muscle mass [ 12 ]. Location of adipose tissue in men and women may direct its function. Inhibition of miRa leads to the promotion of porcine pre-adipocyte differentiation, whereas overexpression leads to alterations in lipid metabolism within adipocytes Ji et al. Intermittent male pattern GH administration to rodents is a more potent stimulus of body growth rate, IGF-I expression, and STAT5b activity in liver than is continuous female pattern administration. Sundeep Khosla1, Roberto Pacifici2, in Osteoporosis Fourth Edition , Other Factors Contributing to Osteoporosis Sex steroid deficiency appears to be the major cause of bone loss and osteoporosis in both sexes. However, the evidence for similar positive effects in post-menopausal women receiving estrogen replacement therapy is far less convincing [ 31 - 34 ]. Simultaneously, Src kinase is also activated.

Sex steroids

However, a uniform relationship in both males and females between E2 dose and adipose tissue response is not supported by the literature Table 1. Results derived from various AR knockout mouse models reveal tissue-specific AR signaling that is involved in regulation of lipid metabolism i. Still other studies have found positive correlations between resistin and obesity or insulin resistance Kang et al. Lastly, we discuss the striking difference in the availability of several drug therapies for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, as compared to none for sarcopenia. Specifically, post-menopausal women or hypogonadal men, including patients with prostate cancer receiving androgen deprivation therapy, experience a decrease in lean mass, muscle size, and strength and a higher incidence of insulin resistance. The effects of E2 on resistin secretion are as controversial as the biology of the hormone itself. Effects of sex hormones on the liver may be direct, through hepatic receptors, or indirect by modulating endocrine, metabolic, and gender-differentiated functions of GH. OVX adult mice and anovulatory aged mice have increased serum adiponectin levels, but infant mice that undergo ovariectomy still experience a rise in adiponectin at the age of puberty Combs et al. E2 modulates insulin signaling via ESR1 and stimulates the uptake of glucose into adipocytes via regulation of the tyrosine phosphorylation of insulin receptor substrate 1 IRS-1 protein Muraki et al. Then the steroid binds to a specific steroid hormone receptor , also known as a nuclear receptor , which is a large metalloprotein. Studies conducted in vitro on the effects of E2 on adiponectin secretion are equally conflicting. These effects may play an important role in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases, including coronary heart disease in post-menopausal women. These hormones, which are all derived from cholesterol, have hydrophilic functional groups at either end and hydrophobic carbon backbones. Simultaneously, Src kinase is also activated. Estrogens and androgens can signal through multiple receptors. Effects of estrogens and androgens on muscles Skeletal muscles are the engines of locomotion and as such play also a major role in energy metabolism. GHD mice and the GHRKO mice have improved insulin sensitivity and up-regulated hepatic insulin signaling, suggesting that GH antagonizes insulin signaling locally in the liver. If such an androgen re-programming does not occur, the secretion pattern will remain as the feminine pattern. Genomic pathways are slow and result in altering transcription levels of certain proteins in the cell; non-genomic pathways are much faster. Gender dimorphism As mentioned above, sex hormones imprint a sex-dependent pattern of pituitary GH hormone secretion which is a major player in establishing and maintaining gender dimorphism in liver physiology. Pituitary GH secretion is regulated by two hypothalamic peptides: A slower and smaller decline of androgen levels may also contribute to the development of osteoporosis in elderly men as does late-onset hypogonadism. Notably, disruption of the GHR-JAK2-STAT5-SOCS2 signaling pathway is associated with disorders in somatic growth 5,6 and gender dimorphism, 17,26 and with liver diseases such as non-alcoholic fatty liver, insulin resistance, fibrosis, or hepatocellular carcinoma. Yet, other studies both in men Rebuffe-Scrive et al. Finally, the observation that the effects of GH replacement are more marked in men than in women provides further evidence that T might enhance the anabolic effects of GH in vivo. At their extreme, the very potent effects of androgens and related anabolic steroids on muscle mass are in plain view in the case of professional body builders.

Sex steroids

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