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Sex Trafficking in Cambodia (Full Version)

Sex trafficing in cambodia

Cambodian diplomatic missions overseas continued to lack adequate funding or capacity to provide basic assistance or repatriate victims, despite government action in prior years to train diplomats on migrant worker protections. With support from foreign and local donors, the Ministry of Tourism produced and disseminated printed materials, radio broadcasts, billboards, and posters on the dangers of human trafficking—with a particular focus on child sex tourism—although these efforts were targeted at foreign sex tourists rather than the local population that was the main source of demand for commercial sex with children. Human rights activists say it's no surprise that charges still haven't been filed against hotel owner Richard Chun despite evidence pointing to his involvement in bringing the girls to Cambodia and subsequently pressuring them to have sex with nightclub customers. Read More Ann said she regrets her decision and that if she had known then what she knows now, she would never have sold her daughter. Authorities indicated most of these were labor trafficking victims.

Sex trafficing in cambodia

The government continued to design and deliver donor-funded training on the implementation of anti-trafficking laws to police, prosecutors, judges, and other government officials. The government continued to implement consular screening measures to reduce the sex and labor trafficking of Cambodian women following forced marriages, including by assessing applicants against trafficking victim profiles jointly developed with China in the prior reporting period. Endemic corruption at all levels of the government severely limited the ability of individual officials to make progress in holding traffickers accountable. Return to the epicenter The CNN Freedom Project first spoke with Sephak in , along with other child trafficking victims, as part of a documentary on sex trafficking in Cambodia. And in some back rooms, underage girls like Sokha are still being abused and sold for sex. Children were trafficked domestically for sexual exploitation. The Brewsters said every building of their facility in Svay Pak, once known internationally as a hotbed for child prostitution , used to be a brothel that sold children -- some as young as 8 years old. Cambodian diplomatic missions overseas continued to lack adequate funding or capacity to provide basic assistance or repatriate victims, despite government action in prior years to train diplomats on migrant worker protections. Authorities indicated most of these were labor trafficking victims. Almost all end up in precarious situations, exploited by rich and powerful trafficking lords. Young girls working in brothels are in effect, sex slaves; they receive no money, only food, and armed guards stop them from running away. The government did not collect comprehensive data on anti-trafficking law enforcement efforts, particularly among provincial courts; however, the information authorities provided, augmented by media and NGO reports, indicated the government prosecuted 53 individuals under its anti-trafficking law or comparable provisions in the penal code in , compared to 69 prosecutions in Cambodian adults and children migrate to other countries within the region and increasingly to the Middle East for work; many are subjected to forced labor on fishing vessels, in agriculture, in construction, in factories and in domestic servitude—often through debt bondage—or to sex trafficking. However, the government did not meet the minimum standards in several key areas. Two were a brother and a sister whose very poor mother had agreed to let her children go to Thailand to earn money. The government demonstrated increasing efforts compared to the previous reporting period; therefore, Cambodia remained on Tier 2. However, as with the Best Western Cangi Hotel case, prosecutions for trafficking offenses are rare. Earlier this year a year-old girl was promised work as a nanny and housemaid in her hometown Battambang. The government maintained limited victim identification and protection efforts, at times returning child victims to high-risk environments, and provided minimal assistance to male labor trafficking victims despite their prevalence. She was returned home after three nights. It's a lot easier and more lucrative than drug smuggling. The anti-trafficking police independently developed its own awareness campaign on policies and procedures to prevent and report sex trafficking crimes in the entertainment sector, and conducted the related training 2, times during the reporting period. How can they ever trust anybody again? She works as a nail technician and a baker, attends church, and lives with an American family. The crimes were all committed in Cambodia and all seven of the girls are Cambodian, one of which Sokha. The Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training released a separate action plan aimed at reducing child labor and debt bondage in the service, agricultural, mining, and energy sectors by through awareness raising, increased legal action, and collaboration with civil society, funded in part through the national budget. The stream of the human trade flows in all directions.

Sex trafficing in cambodia

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    And even if a case does go to court, the outcome is uncertain.

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    Courts continued to conclude sex trafficking cases with monetary settlements in lieu of prison sentences. Anette Marcher looks at a worldwide trade that attracts little publicity - unless the victims are young, attractive and white.

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    MOSAVY reported repatriating Cambodian labor trafficking victims from Vietnam, and reported receiving and referring 38 Cambodian internal trafficking victims and 24 sex and labor trafficking victims from Thailand to NGO services. Upon arrival at the brothel most girls refuse to have sex with the customers, so the brothel owner and mama-san start to "break in" their new arrivals.

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