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Seven No Heat Pixie Hairstyles

Sexy pixie hair cuts

However, a white blonde frosting over a mousy-brown base color really modernizes this classic look. Curly Mohawk There is nothing more badass than a mohawk. Undercuts and fades offer plenty of space for artistic designs. It lifts layers and allows for tousled, messy spikes, inherent to a laid-back, devil-may-care kind of haircut. Stunning Blondes A great style that is sure to turn some heads. It is an all year round style and looks so good with outfit. Go with an asymmetrical bang.

Sexy pixie hair cuts

It must be mentioned that platinum blonde color is on-point with such bold hairstyles. The top is longer than the rest, a short cut that makes a strong contrast. This is a true pixie cut, but make sure to ask your stylist for a little bit of length on top so you can add in texture and waves with gel or paste. Creative Designs A short style that has some great contrasts. Other, love short hair regardless of their lifestyle and many celebrities opt for a short cut too. Because there is not a lot of length to work with, try painting a design into the flat section of your style that can easily be washed out at the end of the day. The short cut makes her appearance even brighter than it is naturally. Teamed with a pixie cut and you will be catwalk ready. This is just one of many recipes! Nine times out of ten, they will revisit their hairdresser to go shorter. If you said to the same person that this is also a pixie style, they would be shocked. If you want a sexy style that will draw some attention then this is a great one for you. We love these styles because they are very different. If you want to go really short then try out a pixie cut. Evening Style for Pixie Cut Styling your pixie sassy with lots of texture and definition or slicked back is not a difficult task. Almost a Faux Hawk Faking a faux hawk is easy with very short hair. Stunning Styles If you love short styles then you are sure to love such a sexy style. Chin-grazing styles, as seen on celebrities like Nina Dobrev, are still trending for spring, but you can completely transform the look of your bob by adding a set of blunt bangs. This messy, tousled bronde balayage hairstyle offers the best of both worlds: Shaggy Styling This short style offers up some bangs. Hepburn-Inspired Pixie Haircut Picture Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina after she returns from Paris with flawless cooking skills, killer confidence, and a sophisticated haircut. It will complement your face and you will look amazing. This is to lift the colour beforehand and then you will achieve better results. Long Braids A great style that is soft and romantic. The bleached color and sharp layers are an edgy contrast to sweet facial features. This is perfect for women with thin strands who want to make their short cuts look thicker. Very Short Textured Ash Blonde Cut A fabulous example of how short you can go with a pixie-cut and still stay youthful and feminine.

Sexy pixie hair cuts

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    White Styles This amazing style is great because of the edginess of the style and the color. Hepburn-Inspired Pixie Haircut Picture Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina after she returns from Paris with flawless cooking skills, killer confidence, and a sophisticated haircut.

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