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When Women Are Okay With Sexual Objectification

Sluts woman sex

The fact that this is how you describe the end of your relationships makes me wonder if your choosing skills are a bit off. But the truth is both sexes love sex. What you embrace dissolves. Women in the Kayan tribe of Thailand extend their necks with brass rings. You have taken a social rhetoric developed to slut shame women and you have made it your own. Heck at one time exposing your shoulders or knees was the height of sluttiness. Carl Jung said it best. This man will be smart enough to marry his fantasy — the woman who can make his eyes roll back into his head and make his toes curl and crack — and not be concerned with a sexist society.

Sluts woman sex

Sex is more than physical and those needs you claim to have are not needs, at all. Push up bras, plunging necklines, fishnet crop tops, breast implants. When you take a broader look at all the wars women have to fight, you will want to rail against every bit of social stigma and definition being put upon you. But the truth is both sexes love sex. Still, I was jealous of those Casanovas and Romeos that could get any women. Your resistance to the slut label is the glue that keeps you tied to it. We think of men as man-whores already. Women of 19th century Europe wore tight corsets. You really believe there is such a thing as a hoe and a housewife, that these two women are vastly different, and the twain shall never meet! Men love sluts but they also love virgins because said virgin has never seen a dick and to her, his pecker is huge! No one owns the right to put you in a box based on how you use your box and that includes you! In macaques and chimpanzees, females copulate with multiple partners until they have an orgasm. Women are all things to all people, all the time. I think your question is indicative of the times in which we live due to the generational fallout of the sexual revolution of the late 's and early 's. I have friends who say I should keep a roster and rotate men like toys and just enjoy the moment. So, you see, the more men you sleep with, the more insecure other men get because the first thing they want to know is, how big was that other guy? Times of plenty were rare. The upside is you get to really know someone. Actually, in some places it still is. The average male reports having twice as many partners as the average women report. Women get more men. Once you have wrangled yourself into self-awareness and security, you will stop questioning yourself and begin questioning the men and other people who wish to be a part of your life. On the palm of your hand you can sift through hundreds of potential partners. Women in the Kayan tribe of Thailand extend their necks with brass rings. What you embrace dissolves.

Sluts woman sex

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    You have let men, women, and society overall shame you for so long, that you now internalize that shame and allow it to label you, and rule your decisions.

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    Be careful about who you choose to share your body with because when you agree to have him lay inside you, you agree to take on, to internalize, his energy and his spirit.

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