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This new law changes everything for "sex offender registration" in California (SB 384)

Tier ii sex offender

Sexual exploitation by a counselor, therapist, or school employee in violation of section Criminal transmission of human immunodeficiency virus in violation of section C. Any other burglary in the first degree offense in violation of section Admitting minors to premises where obscene material is exhibited in violation of section Lascivious acts with a child in violation of section Sexual exploitation of a minor in violation of section

Tier ii sex offender

The second tier includes kidnapping with sexual motivation, selling child pornography, forcing prostitution or any secondary offense by a tier I sex offender. Misleading domain names on the internet in violation of 18 U. Get help now from a former prosecutor with over 37 years of experience. The third tier is reserved for the more severe sex crimes, including kidnapping a minor with sexual motivation, rape, sexual battery, murder with sexual motivation and any sexual offense by someone already classified as a tier II sex offender. Human trafficking in violation of section A. Notwithstanding the classifications of sex offenses in subsection 1, any sex offense which would qualify a sex offender as a sexually violent predator shall be classified as a tier III offense. Solicitation of a minor to engage in an illegal sex act in violation of section Enticing a minor in violation of section Material containing child pornography in violation of 18 U. After an amendment known as the Adam Walsh Act, the classification uses a three-tiered designation, according to the Franklin County Ohio Sheriff. Aggravated sexual abuse in violation of 18 U. We can be reached online or by telephone at to schedule a free, confidential initial consultation. Offenses resulting in death in violation of 18 U. Work with us at Berger Law Firm, P. Failure to file a factual statement about an alien individual in violation of 18 U. Attempt to commit murder in violation of section Murder in violation of section The same may apply when the victim was 18 and older and the alleged perpetrator was not custodian of the victim. Solicitation of commercial sexual activity in violation of section A. Any sex offense specified in the laws of another jurisdiction or any offense that may be prosecuted in a federal, military, or foreign court, that is comparable to an offense listed in subparagraphs 1 through A sex offender classified as a tier I offender shall be reclassified as a tier II offender, if it is determined the offender has one previous conviction for an offense classified as a tier I offense. While all carry potentially devastating consequences for the accused, the classification of the crime can still greatly influence the severity of consequences he or she receives if convicted. For the rest of their lives, those classified as tier III sex offenders must register every 90 days. Incest committed against a dependent adult as defined in section B. Sexual exploitation of a minor in violation of section

Tier ii sex offender

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