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Wisconsin register sex offenders

Since the system will prompt you to enter this information on a telephone keypad, it is recommended that you take the time to write this information out and convert letters to correspond to the numbers on the keypad. These are covered more in-depth in Wisconsin Statute Bookmark Conviction of any crime can have a negative impact on your life, but sex crimes are in a category all their own. Registering as a sex offender can carry major implications and consequences that simply cannot be ignored. Schedule a consultation in Lake County or Milwaukee County by calling today. Know The Basics Posted by Attorney Stangl on September 28, Unlike other kinds of crimes, sexual assault , rape and other sex offenses in Wisconsin often require individuals to register with a public catalog of current sex offenders.

Wisconsin register sex offenders

For more information or paper copies of this booklet contact: DOC cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. The Wisconsin Department of Corrections is not responsible for any errors or omissions produced by secondary dissemination of this information. How long does sex offender registration last in Wisconsin? Information maintained in the Registry only includes information on certain offenders since December 25, ; Use of this information to commit a crime against any registrant or to engage in any illegal discrimination or harassment is prohibited; and The number you have called is not a crime hot line and that any suspected criminal activity should be reported to local authorities. Please read the following information before proceeding to view information about offenders under supervision by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. Registering as a sex offender can carry major implications and consequences that simply cannot be ignored. However, it also stems from a societal misunderstanding on the sex offender registry system and the people that are on it. Schedule a consultation in Lake County or Milwaukee County by calling today. The registrant's address will not be provided, nor will any victim information be disclosed. Who has to register as a sex offender in Wisconsin? Various forms of battery, false imprisonment, stalking, intimidation, lewd and lascivious behavior, solicitation, criminal trespassing, and many other crimes that can carry sexual implications and motivations can involve sex offender registration requirements. People simply assume that everyone on the registry is guilty of extremely heinous crimes. Please consider these limitations when obtaining information from the Registry. Any failure to comply with any of the registration requirements can result in additional consequences for the convicted sex offender. If a person has not been convicted of a qualifying offense, or if information has not been submitted about that person, information about that person may not be included in the registry. Sex Offender Registration in Wisconsin: Anyone who takes any criminal action against these registrants, including vandalism of property, verbal or written threats of harm or physical assault against these registrants, their families or employers is subject to criminal prosecution. Our experienced Pewaukee sex crimes defense lawyer will aggressively pursue the most favorable outcome in your case, no matter what the situation. Sometimes registrants fail to notify DOC about a change in residence, status, or other information. However, you are cautioned that the information provided on this site can change quickly, and may not reflect the current residence, status or other information regarding the registrant. DOC cannot independently confirm the accuracy of all information. How Registering Can Impact Your Life Being required to register as a sex offender makes your conviction a very public matter, and that can affect your life in many ways. Read the article, "How to Handle a Sexual Assault Charge in Wisconsin" by Stangl Law to learn tips on what to do if you find yourself in this unenviable situation. Information describing his or her convictions Terms of any probation or supervision Vehicle details Information about his or her employer or school Registration information is updated annually. What does it take to register as a sex offender in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin register sex offenders

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