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Male knights having sex

Of key interest here was the place of women: As Karras notes at various points, there are particular problems regarding the available evidence — not least that much of it was written by those otherwise largely absent clerics. And, in contrast perhaps with modern ideas about masculinity, the concept of being a 'sturdy oak' standing alone and independent could have little purchase in the middle ages, because of the complexities of interdependence present in all walks of life: This may affect certain areas, such as the tensions set up by competing knightly and clerical textual communities within chivalric ideas of masculinity; or the pull that religious confraternity practices had upon craft gildsmen. Theologians disagreed with contraception then, as now, but the Church appeared to be less concerned about it than denouncing the many other sinful practices. David Morton is a Vancouver-based blogger and writer, who is working on a novel about monasteries in the Middle Ages. Can one read the shape of knightly masculinity in its lived experience from Arthurian romances, or does the role that a literature of fantasy played in presenting these impossibly perfect and impossibly flawed knights to its audience involve more complex questions about identification and reading practices? What may seem frustrating from one angle — the lack of a very clear theoretical position in relation to topics such as subject formation, homosociality, self-consciousness of gender — are, from a different perspective, a strength, as the book allows new readers to be introduced to various viewpoints upon the topic, whilst also providing existing scholars with many thoughtful points to consider. Finally, there is a question of the intellectual project.

Male knights having sex

Different facets of knightly masculinity are explored, including the training young knights received, and the structural role of aggression and violence in that education. Descriptions of sex acts were often described in great detail that sounded as if they were written with some enjoyment. He also named lesbianism a sin. In larger towns, prostitutes could practice their trade in anonymity and it was regarded as an honest and essential profession. As noted at the beginning, medieval studies is really just beginning to consider masculinity. In this chapter, amongst other things, Karras provides us with a very useful overview of late medieval student activity, and the social workings of universities. Chapter 3 turns our attention to a very different and contrasting realm: Jumping off the sex wagon! For example, the fact that there was no mass media arguments about sermons and preaching notwithstanding , no mass education system, and no 'ideology of equality' all suggest that modern theories of masculine identity formation cannot simply be transplanted from contemporary to medieval contexts. Partly seen thus, of course, because it was constructed in opposition to being a journeyman. Sadly, 'a main way in which students interacted with women of the town was through violence' — rape was a very common crime p. Adultery and fornication in some cases were sins punishable by death, but for a time the Church actually condoned prostitution, admitting that it was a necessary evil. Apart from the practice of coitus interruptus, there are some references to condom use by men. Sodomy was punishable by death, which could involve mutilation, burning at the stake, hanging, and, in the case of priests caught in the act, being hung in a suspended cage until they starved to death. For anyone serious about Christian morality, sex was not an option. And in the early part of the Middle Ages, priests were actually allowed to marry and have children. At the university, the man worked through moderation, intellect and control to prove himself not a beast. To what extent do the apparent 'realities' of social, economic and political power inform the theatre of masculinity as Karras tends to suggest they do? Views of Sex in the Later Middle Ages. The achievement of manhood was tied up with social maturity and economic independence. Troubadours, medieval singers who went from town to town, singing love songs, often represented this idea of courtly love, with an undercurrent of sexuality. Jana Howlett Cambridge, ; Pierre J. If we medievalists pursue the topic purely within our own chosen eras, there may be a sense that we are simply playing intellectual 'catch up' with discussions already more advanced in other fields. Or do men — so often chasing power — sometimes convince themselves that they possess it, even when outside commentators might demur? Keep your pants on, mister! An example is a Spanish song about a young woman visiting a nearby stream: Drawing gently on some sociological and psychoanalytic works, Karras indicates some of the overarching questions relating to the study of masculinity — its unitary or divided nature, its production through the passage from childhood to adulthood — and also some of the particular complexities a medieval context brings to the discussion.

Male knights having sex

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    Women sometimes used pessaries, concoctions of a variety of ingredients that acted as a kind of spermicide.

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    But in the world of the craft workshop, Karras argues, it was primarily about 'proving oneself not a boy' p.

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